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Mammoth Cave National Park is home to an extensive series of trails. All trails are open to hiking, about 60 miles to horseback riding, and 25 miles to biking. The Green River flows for 26 miles through Mammoth Cave National Park, as does the Nolin River for 6 miles.

Most backcountry trails are for pedestrian and horseback use only, with the exception of Big Hollow Trail, which is for pedestrian and mountain bike use only, and Maple Springs Trail and White Oak Trail, which are all-use trails.

Blair Springs Hollow

1.8 miles

Blair Springs Hollow Trail begins at Collie Ridge Trail and Raymer Hollow

Buffalo Creek

4.4 miles

Buffalo Creek Trail starts at Maple Springs Trail Head

Collie Ridge

3.8 miles

Collie Ridge Trail starts at Lincoln Trail Head

Dry Prong

2.4 miles

Dry Prong Trail starts at Buffalo Creek Trail

First Creek

6.3 miles

First Creek Trail starts at First Creek Trail Head/Temple Hill Trail Head

Maple Springs

1.0 miles

Maple Springs Trail starts at Maple Springs Trail Head

McCoy Hollow

6.4 miles

McCoy Hollow Trail start at Temple Hill Trail Head/Wet Prong Trail

Mill Branch

3.0 miles

Mill Branch Trail starts at Maple Springs Trail/Collie Ridge Trail

Raymer Hollow

6.2 miles

Raymer Hollow Trail starts at Mill Branch Trail/Collie Ridge Trail

Sal Hollow

8.6 miles

Sal Hollow Trail starts at Maple Springs Trail Head

Turnhole Bend

1.8 miles

Turnhole Bend Trail starts at Buffalo Creek Trail

Wet Prong

4.6 miles

Wet Prong Trail starts at First Creek Trail Head/Collie Ridge Trail

White Oak

2.5 miles

White Oak Trail starts at White Oak Trail Head

Trail Etiquette

  • Travel by horse back off of designated trails is prohibited
  • Pets are permitted but must be on a leash and under physical restrain at all times
  • Minimize erosion by riding single file in small groups, do not use switchbacks or shortcuts
  • Walk horses through mud on trails - not around it
  • Hitching horses to trees is prohibited. Use a picket line or hobble horses during breaks
  • Please do not litter (pack it in, pack it out)
  • Houchen's Ferry Road is closed to horse use
  • Hikers must yeild to riders on trails. Horses must be slowed to a walk
  • Please be a good steward to our trails

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